Thursday, May 26, 2011

LP Pern ~ Wat Bang Phra - Khun Paen 2 Silver Takruts With Tiger Rian BE 2543.

Highly sacred Khun Paen with 2 Silver Takruts, Tiger Rian, Wealthy Fish and Salika Birds, popular Khun Paen amulet blessed by LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra in year BE2543. Plus added LP Pern's hair, series number and powerful Yant code at the base.
LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra, is highly respected as one of the top Great Monks because of his Buddhistic incantation ability and ultra high Dhamma. He made and blessed amulets, such as Takruts, Phayants, PaladKits, Phra Krings, herbal amulets, Statues, carving amulets of wood and ivory, etc., but a most famous of his amulets related to tiger. LP Pern passed away in June 30, BE2545 at the age of 79.Thai Amulets Code: 714
Monk: Luang Phor Pern.
Temple: Wat Bang Phra.
Special: This stunning Khun Paen 2 Silver Takruts with Golden Tiger Rian (height 4.6cm), strongly blessed in year BE 2543 by LP Pern himself. Featured a Golden sacred mystical Tiger Rian with Yant on head, Salika Birds, Wealthy Fish and plus added LP Pern's Hair relic with series number 319. Made from mixed 108 Holy powder Wahn and Powerful Yant at back. This Khun Paen made with Yant code at base and strongly blessed by LP Pern himself which are today quite popular and highly sacred amulet. LP Pern likes the nature of Tiger. Tigers are mightiest power creature in the jungle and their roaring scared all creatures. The prey will be stunned by the tiger's hypnotic power and its legs could not move, and at last the prey will be eaten. This is the reason why a lot of LP Pern amulets related to tigers. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Good in dealing with ppl, Good in relationship, Improve to strong money luck and strong business luck, Protection people from accidents and harm.
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