Monday, June 13, 2011

LP Pae ~ Wat PhiKulThong - Phra Somdej Rainbow Gold Takrut Pim Roypi BE2535.

This particular Phra Somdej Rainbow Gold Takrut Pim Roypi, strongly blessed by LP Pae BE 2535, easy to identify. This is the beautiful Rainbow Somdej in highly valuable amulet and added Gold Takrut, old Sacred Powder and variant in mint condition.Luang Phor Pae Khemangaro, one of the most respectful guru monk in Thailand. Most of his life was spent in the monk hood and he have given named Phra Dhammamuni by Royal. He was the abbot of Wat Phikulthong (Royal Monastery) and Monastery Master of Singburi Province. Thai Amulets Code: 741
Monk: LP Pae.
Temple: Wat Phikulthong.
Special: This is beautiful Phra Somdej Rainbow Pim Roypi (height 3.8cm) strongly blessed by LP Pae himself in year BE2535. Featured Gold Takrut at front Rainbow Somdej image. The reverse amulet is featured with LP Pae's image and sacred Yant with Pim Roypi 100. This batch was blessed by LP Pae with Chinabunchorn Katha of Somdej Toh. I highly recommend to you.
Effect: For special great metta and successful in everything that you do (always do the good deeds), improve wealth fortune, can change bad luck to good luck, protection from harm and bad influence and evil etc...
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